With his 550000 km2, France is the largest country of Europe in front of Spain, Germany and Sweden. Situated on the west part of the European Continent, the contry has got 6 neighbours : Belgium, Luxemburg in the North, Germany and Switzerland in the East, Italy in the South-East and Spain in the South-west.
The geographic situation give to France two main assets. Situated in the heart of European Union, the country has got a position of crossroads enhanced by an excellent network of communication.
Eastern areas are linked up with the huge industrial and urban space which streches from the mouth of the Rhine to the plain of the Po. On the north-west, France is closed to the industrial area of England and in the south, the country is part of the Mediterranean bow.
France has got a double maritime opening with, on one side, the North sea, the English Channel (La manche) and the Atlantic Ocean and on the other side, the Meditterranean Sea.
This double maritime opening makes easier the relations with the North of Europe, America and Africa. Fance is an hexagon. The longest distances don’t exceed 1000 km but the country offers an exceptional variety of landscapes and a very rich cultural patrimony.


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