Billom, medieval, merchant, clever, saint ?

Discover this city located on the Roman Road which links Clermont Ferrand to Bordeaux. Around Saint Cerneuf church, you can admire the medieval city with his half-timbered house built in the XV and the begining of the XVI centuries and many architectural treasures. We think that the roman name « Billom Agus » comes from the radical « mag » which means « market ». Beautiful city of Auvergne, where it’s nice to live, to discover and learn, Billom is rich of his historical past.Terrasse creperie

Billom is located in a little plain, with a very rich ground and surrounded by volcanic mounds : on the west, the two « Turlurons » (at the height of 420 and 503 meters) , on the North, the mount of Montaigut (at the height of 516 meters) , on the south-east, Montmorin (at the height of 620 meters)

The Medieval

MedievalLocated on the Roman Road which links Clermont Ferrand to Bordeaux, Billom is an important stage. The roman city has never been abandoned and on the XII century, around Saint Cerneuf church, there was a fortified city.
A first charter of franchises is allowed, just after 1180 to the bourgeois of the city. Bishops of Clermont ferrand, seignories of the town, give their agreement to fortify the city.

The Clever

In 751, foundation of the Saint Cerneuf Collegiate Chapter and of the chapter’s school.
In the XIII century, the school becomes a University (fourth in France after Paris, Toulouse and Montpellier) with a Faculty of Arts and Literature and later a faculty of Law (civil law and religious law).
In 1558, foundation of the first Colledge of Jesuits in Fance (the famous painting « Tupus Religionis » was found there).
In 1884, foundation of a Preparatory Military School for children, opened until 1963. Acivil secondary school replaced it .

The SaintTour

After saint Cerneuf, another important parish, Saint Loup was founded in the Xth century. Other churches, chaptels, convents were created later.
Saint Cerneuf is a monument often renovated but the roman plan has never been modified. In the XIIth century, the crypt was embellished with episodes of Saint Marguerite’s life. Saint Cerneuf exposed prestigious relics : phial of precious blood, Peace of the Holy Cross. A lot of people came to Billom on pilgrimage.

Rue de l'Etezon

The Merchant

Billom is a city of shopkeepers ans artisans. The market of Monday exists since the XVth century. Evidence of this activity : a court of trade operated from the XVIth century until 1999.

Today, Billom is still a city of shopkeepers, artisans, little industries and services. Billom is stamped with the national label « Excellent site of taste » for his well-known garlic.

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