Maison 280 m2 dans le quartier médiéval , maison avec 2 étages 5 chambres ( actuellement 4 en chambres d'hôte tout confort d'une capacité de 10 personnes , ouvert de Mai à Septembre ) Au premier étage, un grand salon , cuisine, buanderie , 2 terrasses, toiture refaite et isolation , double vitrage, granulés cuisinière , aspirateur centralisé . Rez de chaussée zone de stockage de 110 m2 (ancien restaurant de crêperie) . Maison pour plusieurs options Pour plus d' informations et de visites tél. 06 08 35 58 31


« La Galerie » opened in 1995 in a house built in the XVIIIth century. Th name comes from the last activity of the house. It was a contemporary art galery. The restaurant is located in the midle of the medieval city of Billom, where you can admire half-timbered houses from the XIVth and XVth centuries. A very rich architecture.

CuisineWhy did I open a breton pancakes shop in Auvergne ?

explains Maël.
« My father is native from Auvergne and my mother from Brittany (Bretagne). When I was young, I was spending my hollidays next to Morlaix (Brittany) and the souvenirs of luckwheat pancakes with half-salt butter are so deep that I decided to share those instants of delights and offer to people from Auvergne and other visitors, the opportunity to taste it. »

salle3 rooms

There are three rooms in the restaurant, with different decors, warm colors. The decoration is inspired by the medieval soul of the area.
The entrance is located in the street called « rue des granges ». You are welcome in a first room with walls distemped and tinted with lime where you can take a drink on a beautiful bar covered with yellow « marmorin »

restaurantYou can assist to the preparation of of the pancakes because the kitchen is opened in this room. You can also eat on one of the 5 tables in this first room.

A second room, cosiness, with walls of red lime, has got 3 tables. The last room, the « white one », has got 6 tables. We can accomodate for 44 persons.
And when the weather is nice, you can enjoy your meal outside, at the terrace of the restaurant, in a incredible decor !

Booking for Groups - 3 rooms available – Terrace _Pizzas to be and delivered
Annual closure :

Adress :
Crêperie La Galerie
Quartier Médiéval
8 rue Boucheries
63160 BILLOM

Contacter e-mail

Phone : +(33) 06 08 35 58 31



My speciality is, of course the « nature buckwheat pancake » prepared with varied savours and ingredients so that everybody can find his favorite tastes.

Origin :Buckwheat, also called blackwheat, belongs to the « polygonacées »’s family. Its cousin is the sorrel. This plant comes from the Himalayas. It was cultivated in China in the 5th century.
Crusaders brought it back in France and Anne de Bretagne popularized its consummation.

Beneficial effects : Tonight, you are going to taste our pancakes of buckwheat. Your organism will be recharged with magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium, without “gluten”. An other benefit : the most important acids contained in the buckwheat give a better nutritious value to its proteins.

To make your mouth watered, here are some of the propositions of the menu.

scallops finished with cognac on melled leeks + grated cheese
double pan-cake + a choice between 4 garnishings + salad (extra charge : scallops, minced beaf, salmon, duck steaklet)
grated cheese + parsley/garlic + mushrooms + raw ham
scallop finished with cognac + melled leeks + grated cheese + garlic or parsley/garlic
egg + cooked ham + grated cheese + garlic
Guéméné’s andouille + grated cheese
Guemené’s andouille + grated cheese + onion or tomatoes or backed apples or goat cheese or mushrooms
Duck gizzard + grated cheese + walnuts + salad
Duck steaklet + walnuts + backed apples + salad

Smoked salmon + sauce + lemon

Tomatoes + grated cheese + chicken + mushrooms
Tomatoes + grated cheese + chicken + mushrooms + curry
Assorted local cheeses : grated ementhal – cantal – saint nectaire + salad
Assorted local cheeses : grated ementhal – cantal – saint nectaire + salad + bacon or raw ham or onion or Géuméné’s andouille
Goat cheese + walnuts +garlic + salad
(Pineapple or banana or peach or pear) + grilled almonds + (chocolat or caramel) + whipped cream
Apples backed in the oven + vanilla ice cream + maple syrup + grilled almonds
Chestnut’s cream + whipped cream + choice of ice cream


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